Ghosts of Thanksgiving Past

Wild turkeys in Utah
Merriam’s turkey, courtesy of Flickr user “Fool-On-The-Hill.”

In addition to recent news about possible therapies to restore lost sense of smell due to COVID, we do a deep dive into the How on Earth archives to bring you some still-relevant stories from past Thanksgiving episodes:

Host/Producer/Engineer: Joel Parker
Executive Producer: Susan Moran
Contributors: Shelley Schlender, Beth Bartel, Benita Lee, Stacie Johnson

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A Tour of Mycotopia

9781603589796On this week’s show, Beth talks with author Doug Bierend about his new book, In Search of Mycotopia. He introduces us to an incredible, essential, and often denigrated kingdom of life: the fungi. A growing community of mushroom-mad citizen scientists and devotees are expanding the uses and availability of myriad fungi. From decontaminating landscapes and waterways to achieving food security and novel drugs, you’ll hear about it all.
Show Producer: Beth Bennett
Executive Producer: Beth Bennett
Additional Contributions: Shelley Schlender
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