Summer Solstice Hike // On the Trail of a Hidden Hominoid

NCAR Burn site – left of the trail — photo by Steve Jones

Pre-dawn Summer Solstice Hike (Starts 1:00) We head out before 5:30 AM, to visit the NCAR Burn site, with Boulder Naturalists Steve Jones, Scott Severs and Ruth Carol Cushman


Hobbit Like Hominoids — Still Here?  (Starts 12:06) Anthropologist Gregory Forth discusses his book, Between Ape and Human – On the Trail of a Hidden Hominoid, about an Indonesian Island that was home to Hobbit-sized, human-like creatures, and how it might STILL be home to these hobbit-like beings.


Hosts: Beth Bennett & Shelley Schlender
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Executive Producer: Joel Parker
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Gold Lab Symposium and DeepMind/Alphafold

DeepMind – AlphaFold

Gold Lab Symposium and DeepMind’s Alpha Fold  (starts 1:00) We continue our discussion with Boulder scientist and entrepreneur, Larry Gold, about the Gold Lab Symposium on the science of Health, taking place this Thursday and Friday.  You can sign up here.

Off-Target Drug Effect (starts 5:48 – ends at 10:00)  A local Boulder man recounts his experience with an off-target effect in an FDA approved medication that has left his kidneys permanently damaged.

Gold Lab Symposium Discussion Continues (Starts 10:00)

HostProducer: Shelley Schlender
Executive Producer: Joel Parker

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Brains in Space // Climate Grief // Gold Lab Symposium

We explore a wide range of science topics today.

Brain Damage – Pink Floyd

Brains in Space (starts 1:00) Joel Parker explains how space travel may affect human brains





Altar – photo cc Boundless in Motion

Climate Grief (starts 5:17) The United Nations warns that the changing climate will lead to increasing climate grief around the world.  Kritee, a senior scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund, has become a Zen priest and national expert on Climate Grief.  She leads community grief circles throug, Boundless in Motion and other meditation gatherings , to help people deal with difficult feelings around climate change.  Melissa Bailey reports.

Larry Gold

GoldLab Symposium (starts 15:31) Founder Larry Gold shares a highlight coming up in this year’s symposium about science, human health and big data.  The symposium takes place May 19th and 20th.  You can check out topics at this year’s symposium here.   This is the link to register to attend.

Hosts: Shelley Schlender & Joel Parker
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Executive Producer: Joel Parker
Feature contributors:  Joel Parker, Melissa Bailey

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Avalanche Accidents — Who Dies?

GIF of Avalanche starting to slide ((CLICK on IMAGE to see the slide)) — from Colorado Avalanche Information Center

We speak with Ethan Greene, director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, about the new study he has coauthored with Spencer Logan, a chief researcher at the center who alsoversees the Avalanche Accident database for the United States.    Their new study is available now.  It’s titled, Education and Experience Levels of People Involved in Avalanches during the 2019-2020 Colorado Avalanche Season.  It will be published soon, in greater detail, in The Avalanche Review.

For those looking for videos from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, here is the snowmobile accident posted at the CAIC Avalanche Information Center YouTube CHANNEL.   Weekly forecasts are also on this site.

Host/Producer:   Shelley Schlender
Music From:   Prince Avalanche and Snowfall by The Halo Benders
Executive producer:   Susan Moran


Green Walls // Drones Study Marshall Fire // Volunteering to GET COVID

University of Plymouth Sustainability Hub showing external green wall in full bloom.

Long COVID  (starts 1:00) National Jewish in Denver shares research about how COVID sometimes affects the powerhouses inside our cells, the mitochondria.

Green Walls (starts 3:54) are a beautiful way to cover indoor and outdoor walls with living plants.  It’s a popular feature for ultra-modern buildings.  Researchers in England report that green walls on older, conventional buildings can reduce heating costs inside the building.


Marshall Fire Research Drone (photo by Stacie Johnson)

Drones at the Marshall Fire (starts 10:42) are helping local researchers from around the country collect field data about the recent wildfire disaster that destroyed 1,000 homes.  The scientists hope their findings will help the communities recover.  REGISTER HERE for the February 17th, 2 PM, virtual presentation of their findings.

Volunteering to Get COVID.  (starts 21:22) in the name of science has produced results that are varied and sometimes surprising.

Hosts:   Benita Lee & Stacie Johnson
Producers:    Benita Lee, Stacie Johnson and Shelley Schlender
Additional Contributions:   Beth Bennett, National Jewish Hospital
Executive producer:   Susan Moran


Defy Aging // Green Recycling // Corona (not virus) News

Corona (Not Virus) News (starts 1:00)  Astrophysicist Joel Parker explains the probe that touched the sun’s corona.

Green Recycling from Discarded Electronics (starts 3:59) Benita Lee talks with Penn State Scientist Amir Sheikhi about recycling neodymium.

Defy Aging:  A Beginner’s Guide to the New Science of Longer Life and Better Health.  (starts 9:28)  Science Show volunteer, Geneticist and Defy Aging  author Beth Bennett, explains how to promote longevity and  healthspan. 

Host/Contributors: Jill Sjong, Joel Parker, Benita Lee
Executive Producer: Beth Bennett
Show Producer: Shelley Schlender



Wild Strawberries, Wild Turkeys & Farewell to Bernie Rollin

Bernie Rollin

Green Building Handbook (starts 1:00) CU Boulder Engineering Professor Wil Srubar is the co-author of a new report highlighting innovative building materials that actually store more CO2 than the emissions from their manufacture, making these building materials what’s known as “carbon sinks”

Wild Strawberry Flavor from Fungi (starts 3:29) Holger Zorn explains how and why his team of scientists have identified a fungus that provides a wild strawberry flavor to foods.

Wild Turkeys at Sandstone Ranch (starts 9:07) Naturalists Steve Jones, Ruth Carol Cushman and Scott Severs visit Longmont’s Sandstone Ranch to look for a . . . sometimes elusive . . .  flock of wild turkeys.

Farewell to Animal Rights Activist Bernie Rollin (starts 12:44) CSU Philosopher, Vet Scientist and Animal Rights Activist Bernie Rollin died last week.  We share excerpts from a past interview, plus a story about the friendship between a turkey and a dog, from his memoir, Putting the Horse Before Descartes

Hosts: Benita Lee, Stacie Johnson
Executive Producer: Beth Bennett
Show Producer: Shelley Schlender


The Natural Funeral

Urn Options s at The Natural Funeral. photo by Shannon Young

Today marks the Day of the Dead in Mexico. It’s a time to welcome the spirits and memories of the dearly departed and to reflect on our own mortality. But in U.S. culture, this type of face-to-face reckoning with death itself is often taboo.

Today we delve into one of those taboos: what to do with ones body after death….and the ecological consequences of each choice. KGNU News Director Shannon Young recently visited The Natural Funeral in Lafayette, the only funeral home in Colorado to offer the newly-legalized practice of body composting and the first in the state to have introduced water cremation.

Executive Producer: Beth Bennett
Producers: Shelley Schlender and Joel Parker
Additional Contribution: Shannon Young



Funnel Web Spiders at Sawhill Ponds

Boulder County Nature Association Naturalists Steve Jones and Scott Severs search for autumn spiders and other creatures among the tall prairie grasses at Boulder’s Sawhill Ponds.

Executive Producer:  Beth Bennett
Show Producer: Shelley Schlender


Wes Marshall – Love Cars LESS


West Marshall (CU Denver photo)

Wes Marshall – Love Cars LESS (Entire Show) CU-Denver Transportation Engineer Wes Marshall argues that people are safer and cities are more vibrant when communities focus LESS on speedways and parking lots.

(This is part 2 of FUTURE of CARs series.  Go Here  for Part 1, about the Glory Days of Fast Cars, at Boulder’s Shelby American Collection)

Executive Producer:  Beth Bennett
Show Producer: Shelley Schlender