Traumatic Brain Injury & Ibogaine – Andrew Linares

Tabernath Iboga Plant – courtesy Marco Schmidt, Wiki Commons

Ibogaine for Traumatic Brain Injury – The Science journal Nature has published a small case study about Special Forces veterans who suffer from traumatic brain injury . . . they report good results from one single dose of the illegal psychedelic Ibogaine . . . with careful supervision.

Andrew Linares – Boulder Therapist

IbogaineHuberman Lab discussion with Nolan Williams (Starts 3:45)  Stanford scientists discuss therapeutic use of Ibogaine.

Ibogaine Boulder Therapist Andrew Linares  (Starts 7:00) shares his experiences working with special forces veterans who are taking Ibogaine at a clinic in Mexico, where it is a legal drug.

Lynx – from Endangered

Lynx Habitat battle this Wednesday (starts 1:00) Denver’s US 10th District Court of Appeals will hear a case about U.S. Forest Service plans for environmental rollbacks in southern Colorado’s Rio Grande National Forest.  They plan to log beetle-killed trees -which may disrupt old growth forest that the endangered lynx needs.  Environmentalists are pushing for more study about the impact of these plans.

Ibogaine Song by Lord Ekomy Ndong

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