2022 Graduation Special (part 2)

With graduation season upon us, today’s edition of How on Earth is Part 2 of our annual “Graduation Special” (you can listen to Part 1). Our guests in the studio today are scientists who have or will soon receive their Ph.D. in a STEM-related field.  They talk about their thesis research, their grad school experiences, and what they have planned next.

Loren Matilsky – University of Colorado, JILA & Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
Topic: Dynamics of Rotation and Magnetism in the Sun’s Convection Zone and Tachocline

Katie Gach – University of Colorado, ATLAS Institute
Topic: How to Delete the Dead: Honoring Affective Connections to Post-mortem Data


Jet Mante – University of Colorado, Biomedical Engineering
Topic: Promotion of Data Reuse in Synthetic Biology


Abhijit Suresh – University of Colorado, Computer Science
Topic: Automating Feedback to Improve Teachers’ Effective Use of Instructional Discourse in K-12 Mathematics Classrooms

Host / Producer 
: Joel Parker

Listen to the show:


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