30th Anniversary Show

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In this episode, we celebrate the show’s 30th Anniversary with Dave Atkins and Jeff Orrey, How on Earth’s original  hosts.

We’ll play some excerpts from the pilot January 14, 1992 episode and update the science from a 2022 perspective.  Subjects range from Chinook winds and Colorado fires, finding exoplanets, the history of Hubble telescope, Halley’s Comet and blood pressure.

Hosts:   Jill Sjong, Beth Bennett, Dave Atkins, Jeff Orrey
Producer:    Jill Sjong
Additional Contributions:   Joel Parker, Beth Bennett
Executive producer:   Beth Bennett

Listen to the show:


Author: Jill Sjong

Jill Sjong is a chemist and materials scientist. She is passionate about the outdoors and is an avid rock climber. Jill Sjong is proud to be part of the How on Earth team and has contributed to the show since 2019.

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