Scratch & Sniff COVID Test // Ice Age BONE Fire

TheNoseKnows2Much, from WikiCommons
TheNoseKnows2Much, from WikiCommons

Scratch & Sniff COVID Test (starts 1:00) CU Scientist Dan Larremore explains how a smell test app might offer an affordable COVID screening that’s way more accurate than a temperature check.




HOE Ice Age Bone FireIce Age BONE Fire  (starts 6:00)  Archeologist John Hoffecker and local volunteers recreate a Paleolithic “campfire” that used bones as the primary fuel. Volunteers who helped with this project — Josh Steinsiek, Dustin Goodew of Arapahoe Meat Company, Outdoorspeople Lin and Henry Ballard, Amber O’Hearn and Siobhan Huggins.

Engineer Sam Fuqua
Host/Producer: Shelley Schlender
Additional Contributions:  Edie Hill, Composer
Executive Producer: Beth Bennett

Listen to the show:


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