Grazing the Niobrara // Savory Institute

Using ATVs as "wolves" to move a herd of cattle
Using ATVs as “wolves” to move a herd of cattle

Mooo-ving Cattle Near the Niobrara (starts 4:28) We talk with Steve Hicks, director of the USFW  Niobrara Wildlife Refuge complex near Valentine, Nebraska and join the Rocking Arrow Ranch on a cattle moo-oo-vve designed to help maintain the quality of wild grasslands


savory institute mexico-1963-2003
“Before” and “After” holistic grazing adopted on a Mexican pasture – courtesy the Savory Institute

The Savory Institute (starts 10:05)  We talk with Boulder’s grazing think tank, The Savory Institute, founded by Allan Savory, about holistic grazing strategies that have the potential to restore grasslands that have been degraded through overgrazing . . . or undergrazing.

Hosts: Shelley Schlender
Producers: Shelley Schlender
Executive Producer: Susan Moran
Headline contributions: Daniel Strain, Beth Bennett

Listen to the show:


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