Pesticides, Bees and Niwot Honey Farm’s Tom Theobald [extended version]

This is an extended interview with Niwot Beekeeper Tom Theobald about three new studies that have recently been published regarding the ways that neonicotinoids harm bees.  The studies include one from Purdue, and two from Europe, and all three indicate that these new pesticides are causing more harm to bees than previously thought.


4 thoughts on “Pesticides, Bees and Niwot Honey Farm’s Tom Theobald [extended version]”

  1. Tom,
    An excellent summary of the harm these insecticide have on all insects and the environment. What ‘risk mitigation’ protection do the regulatory authorities provide? None!

  2. My hives are based on our farm in the perhaps the most intensively farm area of the UK – The Fens. My colonies are thriving and I have never lost a colony. I am also about to do my first honey extraction of the season. First time ever extracting honey pre-oil seed rape flowering. The honey looks so light and fragrant.
    I am not saying neonicotinoids are not bad, but every field round my hives is seasonally sprayed with a variety of insecticides, herbicides etc. and this has never effected the strength of my colonies.

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