2018 Graduation Special (part 1)

diploma-and-graduation-hatWith graduation season is upon us, today’s edition of How on Earth is the first of a two-part annual “Graduation Special”. Our guests in the studio today are scientists who will receive their Ph.D. in a STEM-related field.  They talk about their thesis research, their grad school experiences, and what they have planned next.

Head Shot at Down HouseOliver Paine – CU Boulder, Department of Anthropology
 Exploring C4 Plant Foods: The Nutritional and Mechanical Properties of African Savanna Vegetation


Diba Mani - Informal HeadshotDiba Mani – CU Boulder, Department of Integrative Physiology
Topic: Adjustments in Motor Unit Activity and Mobility Induced by Electrical Nerve Stimulation in Young and Older Adults


JN_headshotJohn Nardini – CU Boulder, Department of Applied Mathematics
Partial Differential Equation Models of Collective Migration during Wound Healing


Host / Producer / Engineer : Joel Parker

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