Superconductors for Better Energy

Joe Eck “If we could achieve ROOM temperature superconductivity, there would be no cooling required whatsoever.” photo by S Schlender

Room Temperature Superconductors (starts 1:00)  Backyard tinkerer, Joe Eck, maintains a popular website that explains the limitations of “Low Temperature” supeconductors that must be cooled by liquid helium to almost absolute zero.  He describes the benefits that would come from “Room Temperature” superconductors, which he searches for with equipment that includes a table top kiln.  Researchers at Rochester University have claimed success in creating a room temperature superconductor in their high-tech labs.  Many scientists warn their method isn’t practical, IF it works at all.

Danko Van der Laan with Liquid Nitrogen Tank photo by S Schlender

High Temperature” Superconductor Cables (starts 9:35)  Danko Van der Laan, head of Boulder’s Advanced Conductor Technologies, gives a tour of his high-tech lab, where researchers test cables that superconduct when cooled to the “High Temperature” of liquid nitrogen.

“Hi Temp” Superconductive Tape

Within the decade, this innovation may help lead to electric powered passenger jets and compact fusion reactors that produce much more power than the gigantic fusion reactors being tested today.

“High Temp” Superconductive Cable containing dozens of woven tapes may make it possible for electric passenger jets and compact fusion reactors

Executive Producer: Beth Bennett
Show Producer: Shelley Schlender