Colorado – The Quantum State

Corban Tillemann Dick c Mabell Quantum
Corban Tillemann Dick c Maybell Quantum

Colorado – The Quantum StateWe speak with Corban Tillemann-Dick about how Colorado has emerged as a world leader in Quantum Technologies.  Tillemann-Dick will speak at CU-Boulder’s Conference on World Affairs, Thursday, 10:30, at the UMC Central Ballroom.  Tillemann-Dick heads up Elevate Quantum, a consortium of over 85 quantum-focused organizations in Colorado and the Mountain West.   He’s also the founder and a CEO of the Denver company, Maybell Quantum.  It’s named after the tiny town of Maybell, Colorado, which  holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in Colorado – Minus 61 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Maybell Quantum honors the little town’s record-breaking cold with a refrigerator the company calls “The Icebox”    Quantum computers can only operate at the incredibly cold temperature of -441 F.   Maybell Quantum’s  Icebox” is designed to help quantum processors stay that supercold – which is one of the many keys to unlocking the quantum breakthroughs up ahead.

Show Producer, Executive Producer and Host: Shelley Schlender
Additional Contributions: Pam Johnson



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