Boulder Society for Scientific Exploration

Paul Sperry in Egypt – c Paul Sperry

NCAR and NOAA open for visitors (Starts 1:00)  COVID pandemic rules were lifted earlier this year, so Boulder’s  National Center for Atmospheric Research and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are once again open for public tours.

LASP Artist in Residence Applications due July 21 (starts 2:12) CU-Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics is accepting applications for an Artist in Residence program, where three artists  will shadow a scientist or engineer, to learn about the work done at LASP, and to produce artwork inspired by their time at LASP.

Boulder Society for Scientific Exploration (starts 3:05) has many fans among well-known scientists, but it also has many critics, who charge that much of the society’s work promotes pseudo-science.  We speak with Paul Sperry, Co-Founder of the Boulder Society for Scientific Exploration, about why he values “fringe science” and how be believes more intuitive approaches to Life and science can benefit scientific discovery.  We also discuss the next SSE talk on June 23rd, and how to reserve a seat.

Show Producer/Engineer:  Shelley Schlender


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  1. Shelley, I just returned from my travels and was delighted to hear this radio interview. We barely had time to complete it before my airport departure, so your interview skills made it easy and your editing clearly improved the exchange. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, your volunteers and the studio I hadn’t been in since 2016. Thanks for the opportunity and best wishes to your KGNU colleagues. Paul Sperry

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