Top Science Stories for 2022

cc NOAA Science Graphic

We share the science team’s top science stories of 2022:

  • DART Asteroid Deflection (Starts 1:00)
  • mRNA Vaccine for RSV (starts 3:30)
  • Bumblebees Like to Play (starts 6:00)
  • Sexual Pleasure in Female Snakes (starts 8:30)
  • Alphafold Protein Folding  (starts 11:00)
  • CU Boulder Scientists Make Graphyne (starts 13:30)
  • Chatty Chatbots Can Backfire (starts 18:00)
  • Ancient DNA Indicates Greenland Was Tropical (starts 20:50)
  • James Webb Telescope (starts 23:00)

Executive Producer: Susan Moran
Show Producer: Shelley Schlender/Beth Bennett
Additional Contributions: Beth Bennett, Joel Parker, Benita Lee, Jill Sjong
Engineer: Shannon Young


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