Alcohol, Brain Damage & Genetics

Colorado Cafe Sci (starts 1:00)  happens monthly, in Denver.

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Alcohol and Alcoholism Recent News (starts 2:49) We look at recent science about alcohol consumption, including a study that indicates as little as 3 glasses of wine a week is associated with buildups of iron in the brain — a risk factor for brain disease, increased binge drinking among pregnant women, and a new study about genetic characteristics associated with alcoholism.

Beth Bennett Discusses the Biology of Alcoholism, Homeostasis and Allostasis (starts 5:35) Discussion includes a reference to the studies about yeast and entropy with Matthias Heinemann.  Go here to listen to the entire extended interview (45 minutes long) and go here for an extended version transcript

Executive Producer: Beth Bennett
Show Producer: Shelley Schlender
Additional Contributions
: Joel Parker & Benita Lee


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