Summer Solstice Hike // On the Trail of a Hidden Hominoid

NCAR Burn site – left of the trail — photo by Steve Jones

Pre-dawn Summer Solstice Hike (Starts 1:00) We head out before 5:30 AM, to visit the NCAR Burn site, with Boulder Naturalists Steve Jones, Scott Severs and Ruth Carol Cushman


Hobbit Like Hominoids — Still Here?  (Starts 12:06) Anthropologist Gregory Forth discusses his book, Between Ape and Human – On the Trail of a Hidden Hominoid, about an Indonesian Island that was home to Hobbit-sized, human-like creatures, and how it might STILL be home to these hobbit-like beings.


Hosts: Beth Bennett & Shelley Schlender
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Executive Producer: Joel Parker
Feature contributors:  Shelley Schlender, Beth Bennett


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