Geoengineering the Climate

Image credit: Daily Sun
Image credit: Daily Sun

Hacking the Planet (start time: 10:24):
It’s tough to wrap one’s mind around just how monumental and consequential the problem of climate change is. So dire that scientist and engineers for years have been exploring ways to “hack” the planet–to manipulate the global climate system enough to significantly reduce planet-warming gases or increase the Earth’s ability to reflect solar radiation. This audacious scheme, called geoengineering, only exists because many scientists think that human behavioral change, industry regulations, international treaties and national legislation, have not done enough — can not do enough – to keep us from careening toward climate catastrophe.
Our guests today have given this huge challenge a lot of thought and some research. 
Dr. Lisa Dilling is an associate professor of Environmental Studies at CU Boulder and a fellow at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, or CIRESDr. David Fahey is a physicist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA.  He directs the Chemical Sciences Division at NOAA’s Earth System Research Lab in Boulder.

Some relevant materials on geoengineering:
2017 study on public perception of climate change;
2015 National Research Council committee evaluation of proposed climate-intervention tchniques.

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Contributor: Chip Grandits
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11 thoughts on “Geoengineering the Climate”

    1. The supposed “authority” of discussion of this topic does not necessarily translate into quality of data. I have contacted David Keith directly and repeatedly asked him if we will go on record to say aluminum particulates are being sprayed. Each time he would not give a straight answer. Quality data?

  1. Vice president Lyndon Johnson (as well as numerous other political leaders and scientists) spoke about weather modification as a means of control over 60 years ago, and yet both guests speak as if no weather modification or even experimentation has occurred? Really?
    I suggest research on as a starting point for another important view on this subject.

      1. So, all the sources (hundreds) he references, all the data he has compiled, is fake? Please back up your opinion with an equal amount of data.

          1. Joel, you are still censoring my replies, trying to make it look like I don’t have a response to your “informed” reply. Why? Do I need to go to other social media platforms to muckrack the “muckracker”? I would be happy to arrange a live debate, if you are so certain of your stance on this subject.

          2. Hi, Brian. No, hardly. I’m not always monitoring posts on our site, and never got any notice that you had posted something for a response. I logged in and approved all your postings.

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