The Keeling Curve//Electric Airplanes//Moth Parties

Keeling CurveThe Keeling Curve 
(starts 5:00) Friday, August 12th the Boulder Shambala Center hosts:  Living Beyond Hope And Fear:  Social Confidence And Climate Change.  One leader of the event is the daughter of scientist who created the Keeling Curve for tracking CO2.  Emily Takahashi talks about how the memory of her father’s work inspired her to do the symposium.

courtesy ElectraflyerElectric Airplanes (starts 8:12) The constant drone of airplanes has many nature lovers wishing planes could be quieter.  It’s starting to happen, thanks to tinkerers and scientists who are building reliable electric powered airplanes, such as Randall Fishman of ElectraFlyer.  

credit: Boulder Audubon Society
courtesy: Boulder Audubon Society

Moth Parties (starts 15:03)   It’s that time of year when butterflies, dragonflies and other colorful insects fill the air.  A more humble flying creature is the lowly moth.  Boulder Audubon Society‘s, Pam Piombino .says moths are gaining enough of a following, some people now hold Moth Parties about . . . moths.  (Moth music is “Moths Around the Candle Flame.”)

Hosts: Joel Parker, Shelley Schlender
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Engineer: Shelley Schlender
Headlines: Alejandro Soto, Joel Parker, Shelley Schlender, Kendra Krueger
Executive Producer: Susan Moran


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