Carbon Farming // Light Pollution

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Front Cover of The Carbon Farming Solution

The Carbon Farming Solution – (Starts 2:13) Carbon Sequestration is the act of removing carbon from the air and putting it . . . somewhere else.  Kendra Krueger talks with author Eric Tunesmeier about his book, The Carbon Farming Solution, with surprising information such as how driving to a remote organic farm stand can cause more carbon pollution than getting groceries at a close-to-home supermarket.  However, done correctly, including thinking through how to get food to people who need it, Tunesmeier says carbon farming could sequester hundreds of billions of metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere . . .  with plants.

Artificial Light at Night
Artificial Light at Night

Light Pollution –  (Starts 17:36) Over one third of all the people on earth live with such extensive light pollution, they can’t even see the Milky Way at night.  That’s according to an updated world “light pollution” atlas.  Shelley Schlender talks with NOAA scientist Chris Elveidge about NOAA’s “Earth at Night” maps and “The new world atlas of artificial night sky brightness and the artificial Sky.”

Hosts: Kendra Krueger & Shelley Schlender
Producer: Kendra Krueger
Engineer: Kendra Krueger
Executive Producer: Shelley Schlender

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  1. The Town of Norwood Colorado, at 7000 ft, is currently in the certification process for Dark Sky from the International Dark Sky Assn. The joined-at-the-hip Towns of Westcliffe-Silvercliffe are the only “town” so far with this IDA designation in Colorado; it took them 15 years. We hope to get Norwood’s in less than a year. It might be fun, in a month or two, to get representatives from Westcliffe and Norwood on a show to discuss exactly what Dark Sky certification requires. Black Canyon National Park has just rec’d IDA certification as has Grand Canyon, Norwood is sort of in between. We will use this map to show where Norwood is in the grand scheme of “going dark” for our application.

    One of the great joys of being in Norwood is to watch the Milky Way appear at dusk, planets descending into sunset, and a spectacular night sky where you can tell time by the Big Dipper. And all you have to do is walk outside and look.

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