Hunter Lovins – Regenerative Economics for the Future of Humanity

Hunter Lovins - Natural Capitalism Solutions
Hunter Lovins – Natural Capitalism Solutions

Hunter Lovins – Regenerative Economics (Starts 2:42) One of the world’s leading voices for the environment is urging the world to work for even more than a sustainable economy.  She says it’s time for a regenerative economy.  That’s the message from Boulder County resident, Hunter Lovins.  Lovins heads up Natural Capitalism Solutions, and she’s a sought after speaker around the world, as well as here in Colorado.  To give you an idea about what the vision of Lovins for a regenerative economy, here is an excerpt from a recent talk about the Future of Humanity.  This talk was recorded in Boulder as part of the Colorado Chautauqua Events series, in conjunction with the Boulder City Club.

For the extended version of this talk, go here.

Host: Kendra Krueger
Producer: Shelley Schlender
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Executive Producer: Beth Bennett

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