Carl Safina – Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel (part 2)

Wolf Gaze courtesy Carl Safina
Wolf Gaze courtesy Carl Safina

Beyond Words (starts 5:00) Last week, we brought you excerpts from an interview with MacArthur Genius Grant Award winner, scientist and naturalist, Carl Safina, about his ground-breaking book:  Beyond Words – What Animals Think and Feel.  Last week’s excerpts focused on elephants and then on the mysterious accounts of killer whales assisting people in danger at sea.  This week, we bring you more from “Beyond Words”  Safina takes us to the world of wolves in Yellowstone.  And we’ll look again at killer whales, and how they fare when captured for the entertainment trade.

Hosts: Susan Moran & Kendra Krueger
Producer: Shelley Schlender
Engineer: Kendra Krueger
Executive Producer: Beth Bennett


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