Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code

Geek Sublime(4:33) Think computer coding and art are worlds apart? Vikram Chandra, author of the novel Sacred Games would have you think again.  In his most recent book Geek Sublime: The Beauty of Code, The Code of Beauty, Chandra looks deeply into the connections between technology and art, illustrating his arguments with a history of coding and a meditation on the writer’s craft.  Under his musings is Chandra’s own story, where he finds his way to the West from India and dabbles in literature, then coding, then back to writing.

This week on How on Earth, Jane Palmer speaks with Vikram Chandra about what makes computer code beautiful, whether programming can be considered an art form and the culture that surrounds computer technology.

Hosts: Jane Palmer, Beth Bennett
Producer: Jane Palmer
Engineer: Kendra Krueger
Executive Producers: Jane Palmer and Kendra Krueger

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