Wireless Dawn or Electronic Silent Spring?

Mybroadband Radiation Brain Cellphone - courtesy Wiki
Brain Radiation from a Cellphone courtesy wiki/my broadband

(1:00) Cell Phone Radiation – Headphones please?  Chris Farnsworth uses a microwave meter to measure cell phone radiation, to urges people to at least use headphones with a mobile phone.

(7:50) CU Engineering Emeritus Professor Frank Barnes talks with  Katie Singer, author of An Electronic Silent Spring.  We also offer an extended interview.

Producer, Engineer, Host: Shelley Schlender


One thought on “Wireless Dawn or Electronic Silent Spring?”

  1. How can we possibly think that wireless communication using electromagnetic radiation at around 2-5GHz could be harmful? If these frequencies are carcinogenic, how has anyone that has ever used a light-bulb emitting electromagnetic radiation at around 400-780THz (at a MUCH higher wattage) been able to survive with no observable effects?

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