Dr. David Wineland

Dr. David Wineland (photo courtesy of NIST)

Today on How On Earth, KGNU’s award-winning science show, we sit down with Boulder’s Dr. David Wineland and chat about his Nobel-prize-winning research. The NIST scientist shared the 2012 physics award with Frenchman Serge Haroche. They’ve developed experimental methods for trapping and holding particles so that weird quantum behaviors can be studied. The research is critical to developing extreme quantum computers that may someday break today’s best encryption algorithms…and make truly unbreakable ones.

Host: Jim Pullen
Producer: Jim Pullen
Engineer: Jim Pullen
Executive Producer: Shelley Schlender


4 thoughts on “Dr. David Wineland”

  1. I was interested in downloading the recording of the interview with Dr. David Wineland to include on my presentation at the California Science Center to 25 teachers from TEP (Teacher Enrichment Program) from LA unified school district. Would you have contact information so that I can request Dr. Wineland’s permission to use this interview as part of my presentation on Metrology to the teachers on February 26th at the California Science Center?

    1. Hi Paul,

      I’m the producer and conducted the interview with Dave. I give my permission for you to use the piece, for that purpose. I doubt that Dave would object. I’m going to post the interview, both the first and second parts, on PRX.org. If you do use the piece, would you do me a favor and shoot an email to me at jim.l.pullen@gmail.com and copy maeve@kgnu.org (my boss) and to laura.ost@nist.gov. We really appreciate your support of How On Earth and KGNU Community Radio!


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