Fukushima Cleanup [extended version]


This is an extended version of an interview the KGNU Science show, How on Earth broadcast on February 28th, 2012 about radiation clean-up efforts for Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power plant.   This interview features Steve Rima. He’s Vice President of Radiological Services and Engineering at AMEC, in Grand Junction, Colorado.  He’s been working in Japan on offsite cleanup of 500 square miles near Fukushima that were evacuated and must be cleaned up before residents can move back. Rima’s company is assisting with that cleanup. He says that he has been there several times in the last few months.   In this interview, Rima speaks with How on Earth’s Shelley Schlender, via Skype.


4 thoughts on “Fukushima Cleanup [extended version]”

  1. Just listened to this interview via podcast. Very interesting. Please continue to explore pros and cons of nuclear energy. I would like to learn more about the other nuclear plant disasters mentioned – the causes, the cleanup, the long term result.

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