Extended interview with Alan Stern

On today’s show we featured an interview with Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute, who is principal investigator on NASA’s New Horizons mission. He told us about a fourth, tiny moon orbiting Pluto—found last month by his team during observations in support of New Horizons, which will arrive at Pluto in 2015. Here’s an extended version of that interview.


2 thoughts on “Extended interview with Alan Stern”

  1. Kudos to Dr. Stern for this information and for repeated references to Pluto as a planet, which it is. Dwarf planets are a third class of solar system planets in addition to terrestrials and jovians and likely exist in exoplanet systems as well.

  2. A fantastic interview! The questions asked by the interviewer as well as the answers given by Dr. Stern were clear, concise and illuminating. I strongly look forward to New Horizons’ arrival at the Pluto system!

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