Pine Bark Beetles – Extended Interview with Jeff Mitton and Scott Ferrenberg

Pine Bark Beetle - photo by Jeff Mitton



  1. Kelby Johnson says:

    Hi I am doing a research project on the kill of the Mountain Pine Beetle and I was wondering if you had any recommended ways to collect information on the subject. If you have any good websites or people to email on the matter, it would greatly appreciated! Thank you.

    • Shelley Schlender says:

      Hi, Kelby, Thank you for your interest. You can find out more by contacting Jeff Mitton through his lab. If you are a researcher, Jeff has offered to have anyone who is interested come and visit his testing sites and see how the research is conducts. You can also check with the USDA and Colorado State University, which have research on pine bark beetles from various points of view. CSU has a superb collection of pine bark beetles at their museum, and experts on on the topic as well. — Shelley Schlender, How on Earth Show Producer

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