Beringia // Dolphins & Climate Change // The Ogallala Road

Beringia (start time 0:55). We present an excerpt of  Shelly Schlender’s  interview with University of Colorado scientist John Hoffecker, lead author of a recent paper in Science magazine about the Beringia land bridge and the people who lived there 25,000 years ago.  The full interview can be found here.   Dolphins & Climate Change (start time 4:40). Dr. Denise … Continue reading “Beringia // Dolphins & Climate Change // The Ogallala Road”

Communicating with dolphins

Dolphins are intelligent and communicative creatures within their own species and with the other animals native to their waters. Still, a hundred million years of evolutionary history and pressures imposed by radically different environments separate dolphins and humans. Can that enormous chasm be crossed? Can we have a conversation with an alien, a different and … Continue reading “Communicating with dolphins”